We appreciate public transport

We at Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung develop marketing strategies for public transport and advise companies on the implementation of measures. Our areas of expertise are customer satisfaction and revenue management.

P&C Office in Altleutewitz

We as an independent and interdisciplinary team of experts have been acting as a consulting agency since 1997. Our company develops individual solutions for our customers and their specific targets, which involve going beyond common standards. We do not only have an excellent knowledge of the market, but also use research projects and teaching assignments such as the one at the Vienna University of Economics and Business to improve our techniques.


Our own experience in using public transport is the secret of success of Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung. We do not work in the business of public transport by chance – we are convinced that future mobility will benefit from buses and trains. Our work and company has recently been awarded the title "Best Consultant" by brand eins and statista.

Company history: How it all began...

Night schedule flyer of 2005

At the beginning, there was the night schedule: In the 1990s, Dresden’s night service was threatened by massive cutbacks. Three students of the Dresden University of Technology, including Gerd Probst, attempted to save the night service and therefore suggested specific marketing ideas. One of these ideas was a convenient and clear night schedule in miniature format. The booklet was abolished in 2017 since today's customers use smartphone apps, but the large number of night connections is still available today!


The success of the night schedule inspired the trio. More and more inventive marketing ideas and projects were put into practice. Two of them were Germany's first timetable condom, - a night schedule which was printed on condom packages and spread after visits to the theatre - or the so-called "TramStage" , which encouraged famous musicians to sign autographs on the way to their concert. When the three students finished their studies the trio split up. In 1997, Gerd Probst established his own enterprise in Dresden, Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung, which was able to quickly expand its operating radius from Saxony to all over Germany.


Within more than 20 years, Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung has become an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified consultants, who are in charge of numerous projects in Germany and abroad. We are still living for the principles from the date of foundation – it’s not without a reason that we cook lunch together every Friday.

Our Quality Principles

  • The practicability of our recommendations is very important to us, and we like being measured by success.
  • We like to maintain an intensive dialogue with our customers.
  • We also involve our customer’s employees to ensure that our solutions are being implemented.
  • We conform to the dual-control principle.
  • We apply lean hierarchies: Each employee is a capable contact person for our customer.
  • We attend trainings, learn from experiences and other businesses, and share them with our customers.
  • We usually apply different methodological approaches which we gladly explain to our customers, and we call our recommendations into question
  • Being recommended from satisfied customers is a key factor for our business but we also like to take part in tendering processes.
  • We go by train to meet our customers while we use the time to be well prepared.
  • Our personal experience and our enthusiasm for public transport are considered in every single project.

Data and facts

  • Name of the company: Probst & Consorten Marketing-Beratung
  • Headquarters: Altleutewitz 11, 01157 Dresden, Germany
  • Rechtsform: Einzelunternehmen
  • Managing partner: Gerd Probst
  • Year of foundation: 1997
  • Employees: 16
  • Positioning of the business consultancy: Strategy development and implementation support in public transport marketing focused on revenue management and customer focus
  • Target groups: Transport federations, transport operators and public transport authorities


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